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Good news!

The MyShop sample application has been evolved into a framework: Ncqrs Framework.

Project Description

This is a sample application to proof the concept of DDDD, better known as CQS & event storage an extension to DDD. This concept was first mentioned by Gregory Young and since then it created a huge buzz in the community.

Let's feed the buzz and proof that it works!


At the moment to project is still in exploratory development stage. Although all technical implementations, as Event Based Storage and Command and Query separation, are implemented, the domain modeling part isn't complete and MyShop is far from ready to deploy. Yet, a stable and final product isn't the goal of this project; the goal is to give an example of Domain Driven Design, Event Based Storage, Command & Query separation, Behavior Driven Design and other principles.

You can always download the latest source code.

Getting started

Please see the documentation for a getting started guide.

For more info about the principles behind MyShop, listen to the Devnology podcast with Greg Young.


If you want extra information, have ideas, comments, other thoughts or the source code doesn't compile or run, feel free to contact me via twitter or e-mail.

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